Fundraise for us

Every year, energetic and committed Australians organise events and participate in challenges in order to fundraise for a cause close to their heart, dementia.

Community fundraising allows you to plan and organise an event that you are most motivated by, in a location and at a time that suits you, and involves your community, friends, family or work colleagues to assist you to achieve your fundraising goals.

Alzheimer’s Australia is appreciative of the time, energy, talent and resources that are generously donated by fundraisers each year. These fundraising and awareness raising champions help us to spread the message about how we can work together in our communities to support people living with dementia and how we can invest in research strategies to deliver better treatments and preventative measures for the future.

Important information about fundraising for Alzheimer’s Australia  

  1. Contact to register your event idea. We can discuss our fundraising protocols, legal obligations in the states and territories of Australia and how we can support you to attain your fundraising goals.
  2. If you want to join an organised event and nominate Alzheimer’s Australia as your charity of choice, you can join an online fundraising platform to assist you to achieve your fundraising.
  3. We do not provide public liability insurance to cover community fundraising activities.
  4. We cannot be associated with any fundraising activities that contradict brain health messages, are high risk to the participants of the event or may damage the reputation of Alzheimer’s Australia.
  5. We have limited resources to promote your activity but please contact us to discuss.
  6. We have limited resources to send representatives to attend your event but please submit a request to at least 6 weeks before your event.
  7. You must obtain permission to use our corporate logo in association with your activity. All material using our logo must be sighted and approved by us before final print or online publication. We may ask you to remove our logo if it is not displayed in accordance with the style guidelines for use.
  8. We do not issue receipt books for community fundraising. Please keep accurate financial records of all donations received. A list of individual donations requiring receipts can be forwarded to the national office by email or post to be processed. Cash donations cannot be posted.
  9. Tax deductible receipts are issued for donations over $2. A donation is a gift made for no exchange of another item. Therefore, raffle tickets, entry to an event, donation of goods and services or auction prizes are not tax deductible.
  10. At all times, the fundraiser must uphold the values of Alzheimer’s Australia.