Homelessness and dementia

Discussion paper,

Homelessness and dementia.

Homelessness and dementiaThere are significant numbers of people in the homeless population with cognitive impairment, including dementia.

Yet little is known about this population or their needs.

This resource aims to begin to address these knowledge gaps, and provides information which could help improve services and outcomes for people with dementia who are homeless.

This discussion paper is based on the work of the Alzheimer’s Australia (South Australia) Service Access Liaison Officer (SALO) project, funded by the Australian Government under the Service Development Pathways Project. It is based on extensive consultations with homelessness service providers and other informants in South Australia, and with other relevant projects across Australia; and also draws on a review of relevant literature. The findings of this project align with those of another recent project on dementia and homelessness undertaken by Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria.