Cultural diversity

Alzheimer's Australia is committed to ensuring that the needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are met in all aspects of service provision, information, support and education.

National Cross Cultural Dementia Network (NCCDN)

The National Cross Cultural Dementia Network (NCCDN) provides advice to Alzheimer’s Australia on dementia information provision, resource development and service delivery for culturally and linguistically diverse communities. NCCDN is a key group which supports Alzheimer’s Australia and partner organisations to meet this commitment.


The National Cross Cultural Dementia Network (NCCDN) was established in early 2003 and is funded under the National Dementia Support Program. 

The Network provides advocacy and advice to Alzheimer’s Australia and government and non government organisations across a broad range of issues relating to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD) who live with dementia. 

The work of the Network is guided by its Terms of Reference


The Network membership drawn from across Australia is multidisciplinary and represents a diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities. Members come from a range of professions such as geriatrics, clinical psychology, nursing, residential aged care, education, social work, community work, and knowledge and information management. Members represent organisations across the health sector, as well as Alzheimer’s Australia.

The Network also draws on experts external to Alzheimer's Australia and the Network who bring additional skills, experience and expertise.

NCCDN members contact list (PDF)


The Network undertakes initiatives in the following areas:

  • Culturally appropriate diagnosis and assessment
  • Access and equity within programs and services
  • Research which focuses on special needs of people from CALD backgrounds
  • Resource development
  • Information and awareness of network activities
  • Networking and partnerships
  • National advisory role to Alzheimer’s Australia
  • Representation on task forces, projects and agencies.

For a full list of activities and achievements read The National Cross Cultural Dementia Network: a knowledge network of value.

National Priority Areas

The Network has identified five national priority areas to promote access to dementia care services and programs for those who come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds:

  1. Community education and awareness raising for CALD communities
  2. Cross Cultural Co-ordinators in each Alzheimer’s Australia organisation
  3. Culturally and linguistically appropriate assessment and diagnosis
  4. Increase in community care places
  5. Increase in research into issues affecting CALD people with dementia and their families.   

Culturally appropriate dementia assessment tools

The culturally appropriate dementia assessment tools section provides a list of resources developed for screening and diagnostic assessment of people from non-English speaking backgrounds. 

Briefing Papers

Briefing Paper 1 - Palliative Care

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