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I liked a @YouTube video from @AlzheimersAus https://t.co/dFOGTDrQto Buddies: Alzheimer’s Australia Tasmania’s Younger Onset
Gary Michelson MMRF 2h @MichelsonMedRF
New research shows promise for an #Alzheimer’s #vaccine.@AlzheimersAus @LEAD_Coalition @FisherCenter @CureAlzheimers https://t.co/Sm9dJU3Zpn
- 2h @jspkoifaire
RT @NedWeekend: @abc730 @AlzheimersAus im sitting here crying after watching this ..this is elder abuse if you see this type of behavior st…
Andre Dreyer 3h @andre_dreyer
RT @AlzheimersAus: Simply unacceptable - currently not a single, publically reported measure of quality in Aust aged care @GraemeSamuel htt…
Visiting Angels 7h @VisAngelFtWorth
RT @AlzheimersAus: @AlzheimersAus would like to thank @ShayneNeumannMP for his contribution and support for people with #dementia as Shadow…
Ned Kelly 's Weekend 12h @NedWeekend
@AlzheimersSTEP @AlzheimersAus i do not want to be a burden to my family we raised them they now have their own families
Elizabeth McCray 18h @lizmccray1
RT @AlzheimersAus: We know from talking & listening to ppl w #dementia social isolation & stigma are two big challenges faced in everyday l…
Ned Kelly 's Weekend 20h @NedWeekend
@WePublicHealth no but i do now going to share it on our MCI Dementia Facebook page @AlzheimersAus @AlzheimersSTEP
Tour Down Under 21h @tourdownunder
@AlzheimersAus @tokenethnic @BupaAustralia There's nothing wrong with Lycra!

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