Changed behaviours and dementia

Dementia affects people in different ways. Understanding why someone is behaving in a particular way may help you with some ideas about how to cope.  

1. Changed behaviours

This Help Sheet looks at some of the common behaviour changes that may occur when a person has dementia. Reasons for the changes and some general guidelines for coping with them are discussed.

Download the Help Sheet - 1. Changed behaviours 
(PDF, 168 kB) 

2. Problem solving

This Help Sheet discusses some ways to think about any changes in behaviours that are occurring as a result of dementia. It describes a problem solving approach that may help you manage any behaviours if and when they arise.

Download the Help Sheet - 2. Problem solving (PDF, 150 kB)

3. Depression and dementia

This Help Sheet looks at depression in people with dementia, how to recognise it, and importantly, ways in which it may be treated.

Download the Help Sheet - 3. Depression and dementia 
(PDF, 174 kB)

4. Wandering

This Help Sheet looks at the wandering behaviour of some people with dementia. The reasons for wandering are discussed, as well as some suggestions for ways to manage it.

Download the Help Sheet - 4. Wandering (PDF, 160 kB)

5. Sundowning

This Help Sheet explains why some people with dementia are particularly restless in the afternoon and evening, a condition sometimes known as sundowning. It gives some practical advice to families and carers for managing sundowning.

Download the Help Sheet - 5. Sundowning (PDF, 163 kB)

6. Anxious behaviours

This Help Sheet discusses the causes of anxious behaviours which may be a distressing sympton of dementia and suggests some ways to manage them effectively, as well as some sources of additional help.

Download the Help Sheet - 6. Anxious behaviours 
(PDF, 155 kB)

7. Aggressive behaviours

This Help Sheet discusses the causes of aggressive behaviours, which may sometimes occur as a result of dementia, suggests some ways to manage and some sources of help.

Download the Help Sheet - 7. Aggressive behaviours 
(PDF, 153 kB)

8. Agitated behaviours

This Help Sheet discusses some of the causes of agitated behaviours, which can be a very concerning symptom of dementia and suggests ways to prevent and manage them if they occur.

Download the Help Sheet - 8. Agitated behaviours 
(PDF, 153 kB)

9. Hallucinations and false ideas

This Help Sheet discusses some of the causes of hallucinations and false ideas such as paranoia and delusions and suggests ways that families and carers can deal with them.

Download the Help Sheet - 9. Hallucinations and false ideas 
(PDF, 162 kB)

10. Disinhibited behaviours

This Help Sheet describes the signs and causes of disinhibited behaviours that are tactless, inappropriate or offensive as well as some sources of help.

Download the Help Sheet - 10. Disinhibited behaviours 
(PDF, 165 kB)

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