Dementia Learning Resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities

A kit of resources and materials designed to be used for preparation and delivery of dementia awareness raising and information sessions, as well as educational and training programs, specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The content of the Resource is also consistent with attaining the revised Cultural Competencies: HLTHIR404B and CHCAC15A.

The Learning Resource consists of: 
Facilitators Guide 
Flip Chart 
Assessment Items 
Case Studies 
Evaluation Feedback Form 

Facilitator's Guide

The facilitator's guide underpins the learning resource. The guide has been broken down into sections for easier access and download. Please follow the links below to access the various sections of the guide. 

PDF file, 5 MB 

Section 1 - Introduction
PDF flie, 333 KB 

Section 2 - What is Culture
PDF flie, 126 KB 

Section 3 - Cultural Memory
PDF flie, 363 KB 

Section 4 - Legislative Timeline
PDF flie, 69 KB 

Section 5 - Current ATSI Health Information
PDF flie, 331 KB 

Section 6 - Perspectives on ATSI Cultures
PDF flie, 345 KB 

Section 7 - Cultural Safety
PDF flie, 357 KB 

Section 8 - Communication Skills
PDF file, 369 KB 

Section 9 - The Brain Story
PDF flie, 827 KB 

Section 10 - Understanding Dementia and Its Impact
PDF file, 259 KB 

Section 11 - Ways of Communicating
PDF file, 170 KB 

Section 12 - Providing Activities
PDF file, 392 KB 

Section 13 - Responding to Individual and Behaviour
PDF file, 488 KB 

PDF file, 48 KB 

Flip Chart

Due to the large file size the Flip Chart could not been made available on the website. The resource kit including the Flip Chart can be obtained by contacting the Department of Health and Ageing. 


Two brochures regarding memory and dementia have been developed; 

Brochure - 1
PDF File, 2.65 MB 

Brochure - 2
PDF File, 2.65 MB 


The resource consists of a poster to raise awareness and/or promote education and training sessions. Due to the large file size the poster could not been made available on the website. 

Assessment items

Assessment Items and Assessment Tools
PDF file, 493 KB

Case Studies

Download a copy of the Case Studies 
PDF file, 85 KB 

Evaluation Feedback Form

Download Evaluation Feedback form 
PDF flie, 340 KB


The resource kit consists of a CD-ROM. This CD-ROM includes all materials for facilitators.The CD-ROM can be obtained by contacting the Department of Health and Ageing.

To access a copy of the complete resource kit, please email Department of Health & Ageing.