Younger onset dementia

Younger onset dementia or early onset dementia refers to dementia which first emerges before a person reaches the age of 65. Younger onset dementia can occur in your 50’s, 40’s or even your 30’s. This section provides information that will help people to understand their symptoms and plan for the future.

Early or younger onset dementia

This page discusses younger onset dementia, sometimes called early onset dementia. It emphasises the importance of a correct diagnosis and some aspects of caring for someone with younger onset dementia.

Early planning and younger onset dementia

Planning for the future can make it much easier for both the person with younger onset dementia and their family and carers to manage their financial and legal affairs. This page discusses the importance of early planning and some ways to plan ahead. It also lists people and organisations that can help.  

Employment and younger onset dementia

If a person with younger onset dementia is still employed, decisions will have to be made about eventual changes to their work life. This page discusses ways that family and friends can help them plan ahead and make these decisions. 

Next Steps: Younger onset dementia

Outlined below are the different services available for people with younger onset dementia and their carers. These include specialised dementia services, health and home support services.  

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