Support for families and carers

Alzheimer’s Australia provides practical information and support to family members and carers of people living with dementia. This section suggests ways that may assist families and carers in managing some of the day to day issues when caring for someone with dementia.

Coping with behaviour changes

This section talks about how dementia affects a person’s behaviour and how as a carer or a family member we can cope with managing this behavioural change.  

Preparing your home

Advice on how to create a safe and comfortable home environment for the person living with dementia, their family & carers.  

Personal care

Practical advice on the importance of personal care and hygiene when caring for people with dementia.

Residential care

Advice for families and carers on deciding on residential care, informtion n support about residential care care issues and coping with placement issues.  

Taking care of yourself

This section talks about the importance of families and carers looking after themselves while they are caring for someone with dementia. It offers some ways to manage stress and to ensure that support is there so that you can continue in your caring role.